Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business


Further studies in the principles of bookkeeping and using a computerised accounting application, cash book and banking procedures, processing transactions, maintaining accurate records, basic business legislation and the principles of VAT.

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The Level 2 Certificate in Computerised Accounting for Business is an introduction to the practical processes of day to day financial record keeping in a double entry bookkeeping system and further understanding of double entry bookkeeping using Sage accounting software.

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Target audience

This qualification would be useful for those who may have some knowledge of working with accounts or figure work and have some awareness of computerised accounting packages, but perhaps no formal qualifications.


This qualification is studied on a distance learning basis and then assessed by use of on-line knowledge tests and skills assignments.

Course summary

Understand the role of the books of prime entry.
Understand the principles of coding.
Understand the double entry bookkeeping system.
Understand the various types of discount.
Understand the use of the journal.
Understand control accounts.
Understand the purpose of the trial balance.
Understand the importance of integrity and professionalism.
Understand that legislation exists relating to the workplace.
Know the fundamental principles of money laundering legislation.
Understand current VAT regulations.
Understand the banking process.
Understand document retention and storage requirements.
Demonstrate an understanding of the cost recording system and how it operates.
Recognise the component parts of a cost recording system and how it operates.
Access, enter and edit computerised accounting information.
Select and use tools and techniques to process business transactions using computerised accounting software.
Produce accounting documents and summary reports using a computerised accounting software.

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