Government ‘Kickstart’ Scheme & ATB

Below is information that could help you to make the most of the various beneficial financial schemes that are available at the moment that could be useful to your business and that ATB Accounting Training for Business can be of help with.

The first is the new £2 billion Government funded ‘Kickstart’ programme, where 100% of wages costs (including National Insurance contributions and Auto Enrolment Pension contributions) funding is provided, to create job placements for 6 months for young people.

The very interesting part of this scheme is that there is additional funding of £1,500 per job placement, for set-up costs and any support and training that might be required.  This could be to provide laptops, computer programs or training for example.  And this is where ATB Accounting Training for Business can help.

We can offer set-up and training in the use of Sage Accounting programs for business use and office systems support and training – especially Excel spreadsheets set-up and usage.

Secondly, we have just celebrated our 10 years in business anniversary as an accredited and certified course provider and are offering a discount at the moment on any courses booked.  We also have close links with Sage and we can offer their Business Cloud Accounting Plus package at special provider rates, which include FREE usage for 3 months (if signed up before 31st October and subscribed through ATB) and then preferential monthly subscription rates after that.

These are difficult times for businesses, but there are support schemes available that can help and hopefully boost your business going forward and we can help to facilitate making the most of the opportunities being made available by the Government with regard to the new ‘Kickstart’ scheme and any other training support needed.

If you have any questions, are interested in accessing the scheme or our help and services, please do give us a call or email – we are your local training provider and are more than happy to have a no obligation chat with you.