Case study: Expand your business through distance learning

One of the benefits of our courses is the fact that many of our learners go on to start their own business. Some of our learners already have their own businesses, and they take one or more of our courses to increase their range of services. This was exactly the case when Dave Smith expanded his offering for Drum Business Support Services after studying through ATB Accounting Training for Business.

Dave Smith, Owner/Director, Drum Business Support Services Ltd.
Dave was already running his own business before he started our Computerised Accounting for Business Level 3 course. He decided to upskill as a reaction to customer feedback. Dave was receiving a lot of enquiries for accounting and bookkeeping, and he wanted to be able to provide a more professional level of support for his customers. Dave trained at an advanced level, learning how to use Sage accounting software within a double entry bookkeeping system to keep financial records. This course shows you how to enter data for customer and supplier invoices, credit notes and payments on account, as well as transactional data, i.e. payments made using a credit card. Plus, the Computerised Accounting for Business Level 3 course also provides training on reconciling accounts, end of period adjustments, stock, income, expenses, and VAT.

The Results
As well as the above skills, Dave learned how to effectively analyse figures to provide high quality management information and reporting. This has enabled him to offer a much more advanced level of accounting and bookkeeping support for his clients.

“I was offering management and business support services to my clients. Business was slow to start with and I found that most people were asking for help with their bookkeeping and accounts. Rather than saying, ‘Sorry, I can’t help’, I signed up to one of ATB’s intensive course offerings. I was soon able to offer my potential customers the services they needed. Four years on, and I am successfully providing my clients with business support including bookkeeping and computerised accounting – I have never looked back.”
Dave Smith

This is just one success story. Many others have similar stories to share – we always find it so rewarding when our learners go on to fully utilise our courses by expanding their business offering.

Distance learning courses have many benefits for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) compared with more formal classroom based teaching. Easily accessible, a distance learning course can be undertaken at a convenient time to suit you. This is especially important if you are already running your own business and need to support your clients.

Our courses can form part of an SME’s training strategy to develop employees and support growth. If you are looking to upskill your workforce, ATB Accounting Training for Business has a range of courses on offer including the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and other bespoke courses.

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