5 Key Benefits of Bespoke Training for Organisations

Every business relies on the skill of their staff to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. After all, within any organisation, it is ultimately the people in the business that drive success. Therefore, it is important that every person has the right skill-set to be able to carry out their individual roles. Often, when organisations expand and grow, they need to upskill their staff to align with their new business objectives. When this happens, team skills need to be reviewed and this is where bespoke training for organisations can be a useful and efficient way to develop your employees. 
We have listed below the five main benefits of bringing bespoke training into the workplace:

  1. Upskill staff to improve performance
    Highly skilled employees will contribute to your overall success in terms of maintaining smooth business operations and increased profit margins. Whether you are a small, medium or large-sized business, your employees’ performance will either help you move forward or leave you lagging behind your competitors.
  2. Flexibility – reduce time out of the office
    Most bespoke training courses can be delivered directly to staff in the workplace, which means they can stay on-site to carry on with their day-to-day duties. This is especially important if a course is likely to take several days, as it can then fit around busy work schedules. Plus, on-site training reduces the costs of venue hire and refreshments, as existing meeting or board rooms can be used to deliver the training.
  3. Increase knowledge and awareness
    Simply by being aware of issues relating to certain areas will reduce potential risks to your business. This is important if your business has increased its earnings and you are facing new tax or VAT requirements. As every business is different, bespoke training can be tailored specifically to your needs and industry area. The more relevant the training, the more your staff and business will benefit.
  4. Remove the need for extra staff 
    Nowadays, the cost of employing a person has risen due to auto enrolment pension schemes. Therefore, wherever possible, it is cheaper to upskill existing staff instead of employing a new person. What’s more, new starters will need inducting into your company processes, which will have an impact on staff time. For example, in larger businesses, a team may need to expand to be able to carry out the required amount of work, i.e. accounting, to ensure the company runs efficiently. Therefore, upskilling one or two team members using bespoke training methods can often prove to be a cheaper solution. Similarly, a medium-sized business may find they need a better qualified accounts person to look after important financial information – in this instance, the business and the individual may both benefit from higher accounting qualifications. Smaller businesses often lose sight of their figures when they expand rapidly because they do not know how to manage their accounts. In this case, they may not be able to afford to employ someone, or bring in a bespoke trainer, so a flexible distance learning bookkeeping or accounting course may prove more suitable.
  5. Create confidence and buy in
    When a business expands, especially if growth has been rapid or unexpected, the less confident staff may feel when it comes to fulfilling their roles. By providing tailored training courses to your teams, you will build their confidence and create buy-in to your overall business objectives. By investing in staff training, your people will feel valued, and they will understand how they fit in with your overall business operations.

Sometimes it might be useful to organise a training day outside of the office. This can be beneficial as it takes staff away from the daily distractions of the office and can increase their focus for learning. Any type of training must fit in with the demands of your business, and this is where bespoke training can be a highly flexible way to develop your people at minimal risk to your day-to-day operations.
If you are interested in bespoke training for your own business, please get in touch. As well as providing bespoke training both on-site and off-site for a range of businesses and sectors, we also offer a wide range of distance learning courses. For more information, please call 07903 245181 or email: info@atbaccountingtraining.co.uk