Frequently Asked Questions

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Is studying with ATB for me?

Of course!  Whatever your previous study experience, the answer is yes.  You can study section by section, finding a level that is suitable for you.  You can fit study around your home and work life in a flexible nature, with full support from ATB and gain a qualification that can enhance your job prospects or knowledge base.

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How long does it take?

As the courses are mainly distance learning, you set your own pace for completion of the courses. Some people will take longer than others. There is an expectation that the courses would normally be completed in a timescale of between 6 – 9 months (or shorter!). Once registered with the IAB for a qualification, the registration will last for one year.

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How much does it cost?

Our courses are outstanding value for money. Study fees vary, but the prices are very affordable and competitive, compared to larger providers. And with ATB you get the personal service that is not available with other providers.

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What is included in the course fee?

Our fees are inclusive and cover all specially written workbooks and study materials, (including time limited copies of Sage Accounts or Payroll, as applicable), assessment, various levels of support from email to one-to-one.

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Where do I take my assessments?

You have the option with some of the courses to take open book assessments in your own home, at your convenience and this work is then marked and verified.

Other qualifications require a more formal assessment sitting either at ATB’s location or at another registered IAB centre as an external candidate near to where you are located. (Some may charge an additional administration fee).

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