5 Key Benefits of Bespoke Training for Organisations

Every business relies on the skill of their staff to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. After all, within any organisation, it is ultimately the people in the business that drive success. Therefore, it is important that every person has the right skill-set to be able to carry out their individual roles. Often, when organisations expand and grow, they need to upskill their staff to align with their new business objectives. When this happens, team skills need to be reviewed and this is where bespoke training for organisations can be a useful and efficient way to develop your employees. [Read more…]

7 Benefits of Computerised Accounting Systems

Computerised accounting systems are a convenient way of recording, storing, analysing and reporting financial information. At some stage, everyone will need to use this type of system to manage and submit their accounts, i.e. tax returns. This is due to the government’s plans for Making Tax Digital, which is now set to roll out in 2019. HMRC are currently trialling systems to enable digital accounting processes, but there are various systems already available, which businesses can start using to get ready for this mandatory change. In this article, we explore the benefits of computerised accounting for businesses: [Read more…]

Case study: Expand your business through distance learning

One of the benefits of our courses is the fact that many of our learners go on to start their own business. Some of our learners already have their own businesses, and they take one or more of our courses to increase their range of services. This was exactly the case when Dave Smith expanded his offering for Drum Business Support Services after studying through ATB Accounting Training for Business. [Read more…]